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Welcome to BTC Academy, LLC!

BTC Academy is a virtual tutoring company based out of Fort Myers, Florida. We are unique virtual tutoring company, because we use a whole child approach to learning in our monthly subscription program, along with our live virtual classes. Teaching the whole child means reaching your child on an emotional, social, and psychological level, not just an academic level. Research shows teaching the whole child allows children to soar academically. Therefore, our approach allows children to show amazing progress not just academically, but in every aspect of their lives. We incorporate life skills throughout our curriculum to allow our students to relate to the characters in literature and apply these life skills to their own lives. Our one of a kind approach allows for children to create a positive mindset about academics, which leads to creating this same mindset about life. 


Along with creating a whole child approach curriculum both in a monthly pre-recorded program and live virtual classes, we also offer parent coaching to help parents understand the whole child approach to learning to be able to continue reaching their children academically, while also continuing to create a positive mindset in every aspect of their lives.  

BTC Academy offers:

*Online tutoring for anyone, anywhere in the world using the whole child approach to learning

*Monthly subscription for access to our online courses for the entire family

*Live virtual classes for the upper elementary skill set in Language Arts and Writing and Project- Based Learning for the entire family

*Coaching for parents needing additional support in engaging their children in their academics

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Open Enrollment:


Online Monthly Subscription Program:

*Kindergarten- 5th Grade

*Language Arts: Phonics, Letter/ Sound Recognition, Children Stories, Novel Studies, Vocabulary, Latin Roots, Prefixes/ Suffixes

*Writing: Using the writing process in  all forms of writing

*Project- Based Learning  for the entire family!

Live Virtual Class Options:

*Upper Elementary Skill Set:


-Language Arts/ Novel Study

-Writing Program

-Project- Based Learning for the entire family

*Parent Coaching:

*Learn our whole child approach to learning to reach your child socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively

*Inspire your child by intrinsically motivating them and creating a love for learning

*Learn how to instill a positive mindset for your child to improve their overall well being

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