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BTC  Academy is a tutoring company located in Fort Myers, Florida. BTC Academy focuses on a whole child approach to learning. Doing this allows for us to reach children in every aspect of their lives, not just academically. We engage our students and relate different aspects of literature and writing to their own lives, so they find a true love for academics. We make learning "real life" through our project- based learning programs, so they understand where the academics we are teaching will actually be used in their personal lives. 

We offer two different options for learning. We offer a monthly subscription program where the founder, Emily Johnson, is teaching the curriculum in pre-recorded videos, along with live virtual classes. In our monthly subscription program, the Kindergarten through Second grade curriculum is taught by Emily to you, the parent, on how to instruct your child using all of the correct ways to intrinsically motivate your child while using a whole child approach to learning. In the 3rd-5th grade skill set program, Emily will be teaching your child in the pre-recorded classes. This allows for your child to begin showing independence within their learning, while also having the whole child approach to learning. 

Along with offering the monthly subscription program, we also offer live virtual classes. This allows for your children to have live classes with a certified teacher, using our one of a kind curriculum. 

This approach to learning has been proven to be extremely effective in reaching even the most reluctant learners. We have had major success with our program for every single type of learner by intrinsically  motivating our students and creating this whole child approach to learning by incorporating life skills. Therefore, to reach our children on an even higher level, we have created parent coaching to teach you how to engage your children academically while intrinsically motivating them and reaching your whole child- socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively! 

BTC Academy not only reaches each child in a whole child  approach, but we also  encourage our parents to participate in the parent coaching to allow them to see the changes not only within their child academically, but in every aspect of their lives!

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